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This wiki is for anyone who would love adding fake information on The Doodlebops and Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show. Fake characters, fake songs, fake episodes, you name it!! P.S, If you'd like to add false guest appearances or merchandising, please add them here. Thanks! - NunyaBizness545

Goals of the Wiki Edit

We are looking for editors (and loyal Doodlebops fans) who can:

  • Create transcripts and galleries of fake Doodlebops episodes, including its spinoff(s)
  • Provide fake information about the 2004 series and Rockin' Road Show, not real information
  • Type up fake lyrics for the band's songs - for the correct song, on the right page (you can have them sing a nonsense song if you'd like)
  • Improve our other pages; if you see a red link, create the page
  • Make sure this fanon wiki contains only fake Doodlebops news, alerts, events, etc., NOT REAL (go here if you'd like to see real information!)

Important articles Edit

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